August 2012 #Review

August 2012 #Review

1. Accessories
I didn’t wear that much accessories this month. Unfortunately I have an inflammation on my neck since some days. So I’m not able to wear any necklaces at the moment.

2. Shoes

I wore these shoes a lot and this is exactly they look like. I normally buy my summer shoes in spring and I wear them until the end of the summer, but then they are ripe for the garbage. But I have to say that I practically never buy expensive summer shoes. The both are from H&M and PRIMARK.

3. Food

I’m addicted to pita with tuna. I was inspired by theSacconeJolys and it tastes so good. It’s ideal when you don’t want to cook but have a good meal.

3. Beauty

You already saw some of these products in another favourite post, so I won’t say something about again. I used Fenistil jel (in Germany it’s called “gel” but this tube is from Turkey) for my inflammation and I used it for a sunburn.
And not to forget! My three guys ūüėČ

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