Rome #Review

Rome #Review
In one of my comeback posts I told you about my upcoming trip to Rome. It is only a month until I sit in the plain and I’ve already have little plan for sightseeing. So, here are my “Must Have Seen” places in Rome. We will visit some more places I think but at the moment I can say that we will definitely see these six.

1. Fontana di Trevi 
This places is one of the popular places in Rome. I saw this fountain in so many movies. Some people flip a coin into it to come anytime back to Rome.

2. Colosseo
I think it’s the most classical places of the old old Rome in know. I have a painting of it hanging in my living room.

3. Necropolis St. Peter’s Basilica
You have to declare tour months before you go to Rome. We booked our journey in June and we had luck that we get an appointment. Inside you have to abide by the rules of the Vatican including the dress code.

4. Trinità dei Monti
I just like the look of this stairs and the area around it. It’s a good place for a non food break because one of my friends told my that it isn’t aloud to eat something there.

5.Ostia Antica
This place (an old harbour) is a little bit outside of Rome. You have to take the train to reach it. We don’t know if we will really visit it. It depends of how much time we have.

6. Piazza San Pietro
OK, I think this area is more important for catholics then for me. I’m wasn’t christened but I think when you got to Rome, you have to see this place.

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