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Goodbye 2017


Goodbye 2017

I t didn’t come fully to my head that it’s already 2018. New years eve was different than planned. Mika didn’t feel well and it was impossible to bring him to my grandma. Originally we wanted to spend the day and night at my grandmas place. But I couldn’t go because leaveing Mika and his brothers in this situation over night alone is a no go. So we stayed at home. Mika is already feeling better but he will has heart problems. So he will always need extra care. We are just happy for every day he is whith us.

I thought a long time about how I want to make this year review. And instead of one long text, I made this. So here are my highlights, lowlights, pictures and favorites of 2017.

  • Lou and Simba: In the beginning of 2017 these two noses came to me. It was definitely a highlight, even when the trigger was a sad one (see the first lowlight)
  • Family Reunion: I’m carefully when it comes to my privat life and my family and I want put names in this post. But this year I finally met a really important person for the very first time in my life. And I still can’t believe that this really happened.
  • Commitment: From February on a lot will change. Its a new beginning, a fresh start. I got this new short before Christmas. This means back to my desk and learning. I already thought about this step since 4 years and I had to skipped it a few times because of several reasons.
  • Ivy: My sweet girl Ivy passed away in February after a long illness. We tried everything to heal her, but in the end we couldn’t save her. She was a champ and I’m proud of her.
  • Health problems: This is nothing new, because my health problems already started in 2014. But I came to a point in June where I needed a break and time for myself. Maybe I will talk about it in the future.
  • Mika’s heart: This sweet guy is 2 years old now and he has a weak heart since a few weeks. He gets medicine and we help him through everyday, so he still has left a lot time to live. So we enjoy every day together.
2017 was a year with many new shows and I also watched finally some older one. I manly watch Shows on Netflix and Amazone Prime, but also some from german free TV.
  • Las chicas del cable: I’m fascinated from shows which play in different time periods. This show plays in Madrid of 1928 (the year my grandma was born) and shows the role of the women back then. Netflix recently published the second season.
  • Stranger Things: It took my a while to watch this shows. And I must say that it isn’t my favorite show.
  • The Crown: Again a show from a different time. The topic is the life of Queen Elisabeth and her becoming Queen. I really love this show with all it’s details. Even when some of them didn’t happen in real life. Netflix also published the second season of this show.
  • Mad Men: Back in the 60s/70s in an advertising agency. The last episode of this show was published a few years ago but I finally watched it. And I really ask myself now, what took me so long to watch it?
  • Riverdale: Diese Serie hatte ich bereits Anfang des Jahres geschaut aber nur 2 Episoden. Und dann, naja so richtig hatte sie mich nicht gepackt. Nun aber schon, auch wenn ich teilweise das Intresse verloren hatte.
  • Good Girls Revolt: The end of the 60s, hippie fashion and some woman how fight for their right. You can watch it on Amazone prime. There are rumors that they will produce a second season, even when amazon first said they cancelled the show after the first season.

May All Your Troubles Last As Long As Your New Year’S Resolutions.


  1. JANUARY Cold and the flu
  2. FEBRUARY Goodbye Ivy!
  3. MARCH Hello Simba and Lou!
  4. April Snow in April
  5. MAY Finally together
  6. JUNE Time for a break
  7. JULY Happy Birthday to me!
  8. AUGUST Renovation Vibes
  9. SEPTEMBER Dark clouds are coming
  10. OKTOBER Finally finished the renovation
  11. NOVEMBER Unforgettable and unique events
  12. DECEMBER Snow, much snow

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thesjuli is a personal blog from Rebecca A. based in Remscheid, Germany. The main topics are Beauty, Blogging, DIY, Rats, Travel and Lifestyle. I started blogging in 2008. Since then the blog moved several times and since 2016 it’s called thesjuli. The blog name is pieced together out of a part of my surname and my birth month.


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