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Why so silent? – WEEKLY UPDATE KW1


Why so silent? – WEEKLY UPDATE KW1

Why so silent? There were no new posts this week, but I worked in the background.  Including a review für 2017 and I finally, have a translation plugin for the blog. Which caused a lot of work. And as if that isn’t enough, I also have a lot of offline work to do and everything must be done until February.

Oh, and another new thing, are the quotes in the Weekly Update thumbnails. They are german Quotes translated into English with using google translate. I can understand that this is mainly funny for Germans because sometimes quotes have a bit different meaning like the pure words. I saw this idea a few years ago on postcards.

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thesjuli ist ein persönlicher Blog von Rebecca A. aus Remscheid, Deutschland. Die häufigsten Themen sind Beauty, Blogging, DIY, Ratten, Reisen und Lifestyle. Angefangen mit dem Bloggen habe ich 2008. Seitdem ist der Blog mehrfach umgezogen und heißt seit 2016 thesjuli. Der Name setzt sich aus einem Teil meines Nachnamens und meinem Geburtsmonat zusammen.
thesjuli is a personal blog from Rebecca A. based in Remscheid, Germany. The main topics are Beauty, Blogging, DIY, Rats, Travel and Lifestyle. I started blogging in 2008. Since then the blog moved several times and since 2016 it’s called thesjuli. The blog name is pieced together out of a part of my surname and my birth month.


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