Rebecca A. | Remscheid, Germany | Born in the 80s

thesjuli is a blog about Life, Beauty, DIY, Blogging, Travel, Rats and a bit Fashion based in Remscheid Germany. I started blogging in 2008 with another blog which doesn’t exist anymore.

I live in Remscheid (in North Rhine-Westphalia) but origninally I’m from a small city in Hessen. In Germany we have a word called “Heimat” (the exact translation is: natural habitat home) which describes my love for Hessen pretty good. I love traveling back there and other places around the world.

Another passion of me are my rats. At the moment I have 4 boys named Mika, Fin, Lou and Simba. I was always a creative worker and I try to put those creativity in my blog. In December 2016 I changed the name of my blog, the domain, my social media accounts from tallularue to thesjuli. The name thesjuli is a combination out of my last name and my birth month. I wanted somthing personal and I also love the summer.

» 2008 started blogging
» 2011 started tallularue on Blogger
» April 2014 moved to tallularue.com
» 2014 acceded to blogstars.stylebook.de
» 2015 RatsLittlePaws.com went online
» 2016 changed blogname to thesjuli