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5 Favorite Productivity Apps

5 Favorite Productivity Apps

5 Favorite Productivity Apps

Im adicted to productivity apps. To make list and habit traker with a good designe is absolutly my thing. I already wrote a post about my Favorite Apps in September 2015 and since then some have come in addition. During the renovation time of my appartment I tested some apps and I also used some of them before on a daily base. So here are my 4 favorite productivity apps.


With Wunderlist you can make ToDo Lists, add under points and folders. You can also share them with others and change the background. With the premium version you have some more possibilites, but I use the free version since years without a problem. I know this app since it was released a few years ago.
Platforms: iOS, Android & Windows
Prife: free version & premium version with more functions available

Today Habit tracker
With Today you can track your habits and connect it with the Health app. The Habits are displayed in cards and you can adjust when and how often this habit should be done. The free version has a limited amount of habits you can add. With the premium version you can also change the background of the cards.
Platform: iOS
Price: free version & premium version with more functions available.

5 Favorite Productivity Apps 2

Last Time
When did I sport the last time or when was the last cinema visit? With this app you know it! Just add a topic with the dates (last time) of the habit. It also shows a statistic how this event happened and when it will happen the next time. I use it for travels or when I saw a friend or family member the last time.
Platform: iOS
Price: 3,49 Euro

iStudiez Pro
I used this app a lot during my student days. You can add timetables, teachers, homeworks, test and exams with dates. You can also add your grade to the tests and exams. Like I said, I used this app a lot and it was very practical that you can use and sync it on different platforms.
Platforms: iOS, Mac, Android & Windows
Price: iOS & Android 2,99 Euro, Mac & Windows 9,99 Euro

5 Favorite Productivity Apps 4
istudiez pro
Home Budget

Home Budget
After all these ToDo and habit lists, its time for a app to organise your finances. This app helps a lot to keep the overview and you can add more than one account. Especially with a lot different expenses it can be difficult to keep the overview. You can also add categories and plan expenses. You can also sync between devices and use it on more than one platform. I use this app a lot and it helped me especially when I’m not at home and want to know how much I have to pay for bills or how much money I planned for something.

Platform: iOS, Android, Mac & Windows
Price: free Light Version available &
Home Budget with Sync: iOS 4,99 Euro, Android 4,49 Euro, Mac 19,99Euro, Windows 13,10 Euro

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