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Hello, I’m Back!


Hello, I’m Back!


Over a half year ago I posted the last time on this Blog. And 2017 war all in all not my blogging year. I took a break in summer but after the summer it didn’t feel right to come back. I needed more time for my health and a few personal things. I couldn’t be positiv on the blog and not in real life. I also had a writing blockade. I will maybe write more about what happend before and during my break. I feel better now and I also have new motivation. During my break I worked on some old posts and I also deleted some others. Also all of my week updates. They were a memory I didn’t want to have. I also don’t know if I keep the Layout or if I will change it. But it takes a lot of time to create a theme and so this won’t happen too soon. I know that I have to start from the beginning after the Blogname change and my long break. It feels like I lost all readers, but actually I don’t know who still knows this blog.

There were not only personal reasons for my break. It was also how social media changed and how the algorythmen wants to determine our online life. And even when so many people talked about so that it, it still makes me angry. And I came to the point that it’s not like I don’t care about how many Followers I have, but this number don’t determine me. Blogging will always only be a hobby for me. Of course I want to be successful with the work I invest in the blog, but I don’t want to lose myself. I also won’t post everything about my privat life and my family. Also becauser I respect their privacy.

So what will you find on this blog in the future? I think I will keep the categories I already have and add some new topics. I still love interior and decoration. And I started a Bullet Journal which I will post about. The week updates and monthly favorites will come back too, but I need to find names for them. I also try to write my posts in German and English. I’n sure that I will still make mistakes, but I will try my best.

In my life everthing goes in the direction of a new beginning and many good changes at the moment. There are many things which are planned and somtimes it still scares me when I’m happy after all this tough and complicated time.

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thesjuli ist ein persönlicher Blog von Rebecca A. aus Remscheid, Deutschland. Die häufigsten Themen sind Beauty, Blogging, DIY, Ratten, Reisen und Lifestyle. Angefangen mit dem Bloggen habe ich 2008. Seitdem ist der Blog mehrfach umgezogen und heißt seit 2016 thesjuli. Der Name setzt sich aus einem Teil meines Nachnamens und meinem Geburtsmonat zusammen.
thesjuli is a personal blog from Rebecca A. based in Remscheid, Germany. The main topics are Beauty, Blogging, DIY, Rats, Travel and Lifestyle. I started blogging in 2008. Since then the blog moved several times and since 2016 it’s called thesjuli. The blog name is pieced together out of a part of my surname and my birth month.


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