Goodbye Mika! #raturday

On Thursday Mika passed away after a rough night. He had heart problems since over a month,  but with medicine he could live with it. On Wednesday I recognized that Mika didn’t feel well. In the night from to Thursday he went downhill really fast. He came to the point where he wasn’t really there anymore. His body was just fighting, but his soul slept. It was clear that we needed to go to the vet in the morning. Which we did, but he didn’t make it to the vet. It’s not easy for me to tell this story. Everything went so fast and I wish I could have done more for him. I couldn’t hug him when he passed away, which makes my heart ache. It will take a long time until I can forgive myself that.

I don’t have a car, so I needed to take the bus like always. Luckily the storm wasn’t there at this point of the day. I knew that it was a risk that he wouldn’t make it until we reach the vet, but staying at home and not helping him wasn’t an option. The bus was crowded and were almost in the city, when I recognized that Mika was very restless. So I opened the box a bit and reached for him with my hand. And then I knew that it was his time to go. I tried not to cry in front of all this people. When we finally reached my grandmas place (she lives on the way to our vet), Mika was gone. Even when he wasn’t completely alone, but passing away in a box on the way to the vet was definitely not what I wished for him.

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Mika showed that I finally need a car. Where I live the bus goes on time per hour and the next station is 20 Minutes away. And the way is really steep.

His brothers are confused. I think they knew that something was wrong with Mika. Especially out manly nurse Simba was very sensitive. It was too much for him to see his brother suffer. But Simba was always sensitive, which is one of the reasons why he has the nurse job. Here are some pictures with Mika to celebrate his life.

Goodbye my sweet boy! Mommy will always love you!

Best of Mika 13.12.2015 – 18.01.2018

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