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New Project #raturday


New Project #raturday

As I walked through the book store last week, I stopped at the the pet shelf and there I saw it again. One book about rats was in the shelf, definitely not enough! And that’s no
individual case and also when rats are a edge topic, it’s time for a book about rats with real experiences and stories. An not to forget to clean their image. It’s great that many more rats spend their life in wonderful homes than some years ago. But the fact that many people still can’t distinguish a hamster from a rat, is enough to write this book.

So what’s the plan?

The thought of writing a book about rats isn’t new. Actually I plan this since a few years, but I never came over chapter 2. I never visited a writing class and it will for sure take until the end of the year to finish the first Manuskript, but I want to do that! It’s no secret that I love rats and that I’m not vet. So this book will be based mainly on my experiences. I will post some parts of the book here on #raturday (Saturday) when they are ready. I will translate it here on the blog, but the I write the main book in German. It’s just easier for me and I hope it will be translated when it’s done.

Like I said, this project just started and I think it will take until April that I can post the first parts here. And to finish this post, here a video about rats who take care of kittens.

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thesjuli is a personal blog from Rebecca A. based in Remscheid, Germany. The main topics are Beauty, Blogging, DIY, Rats, Travel and Lifestyle. I started blogging in 2008. Since then the blog moved several times and since 2016 it’s called thesjuli. The blog name is pieced together out of a part of my surname and my birth month.


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