thesjuli is a blog about my Life, Beauty, DIY, Blogging, Travel, Rats and a bit Fashion from Remscheid, Germany. I started blogging in 2008 on another blog.

My name is Rebecca A. but my friends are calling me Becky. At the moment I live in the near of Cologne, Germany, but originally I come from a small city in Hessen. Although I live in NRW since over 10 years, my home and heart will always be in Hessen. I also love to travel and discovering new cities and countries

Another passion of mine are my rats. Since over 20 years these intelligent and sweet creatures influence my life. At the moment I have 4 rattie boys and their names are Mika, Fin, Lou and Simba. I always liked creative work and I also try to put as much creativity as possible in my blog. I switched the name of my blog and social media accounts from tallularue to thesjuli in December 2016. The name thesjuli combined a part of my surname and my birth month

» 2008 Blogger beginnings
» 2011 founded tallularue on Blogger
» April 2014 moved to
» 2014 joined
» 2015 RatsLittlePaws went online
» 2016 name change to thesjuli



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Coming soon …