Adopting Old Rats and the appreciation of time

Adopting Old Rats and the appreciation of time


lder rats often have a hard time being adopted compared to the cute little babies. This does not mean that older rats are not cute, but they have already consumed a large part of their lives and have been shaped. Some negative through bad posture and some positive through good posture but she could not stay in her old home.

When people adopt a rat, they want to spend the most possible time with it for understandable reasons. And this also makes sense for inexperienced rat owners who still have a lot to learn. Adopted rats are a challenge and not all of them are suitable for beginners. But then why do I write this article?

Older rats deserve a chance and they need not only a lot of attention and help to get used to their new environment, but also people who appreciate the time you can spend with them. Get as much out of a few weeks, months or years as you can. Enjoy every day!
Just as we humans all have our own character and history, so do rats. Their intelligence makes it possible for them to remember a lot, they form prejudices and experiences can make them braver, but also frighten.

Are older rats capable of integration with other rats? Yes and no. How healthy is the rat and how does it react to others? There are (almost) always initial fights, but a rat should also survive integration without having a heart attack or needing a psychotherapist.

A story I like to tell when it comes to giving older rats a chance is that of Manni, Coco & Ivy. Manni already lived with me when he was 2 years old, but he was also adopted when he was already one year old. You could see how lonely Manni was. But who was ideal for him now? Young rats are wild and he was a cuddly older Ratterich. When Coco and Ivy came through the door, Manni was immediately sniffing and you could see in his eyes how happy he was that there were finally fellow rats in the house again. So the integration was basically also a big cuddle party. Until Manni died 7 months later. These 7 months felt like much more and so it was with other noses. They showed me how long a day or month can be.

So dare to give older rats a chance. The time with them may be shorter than with babies, but this time can be very valuable and many beautiful memories can arise. And who knows, maybe you have more time together than expected and the nose will be 3 or even 4 years old.


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