Let’s Catch Up

Life Update
Let’s Catch Up


fter such a long break it’s time for a Life Update. After a long time of thinking I decided to make a new start on this blog. All old posts are offline and may be put back online in a revised form. In the last months and especially in the last 2 weeks a lot has happened.

Hello Daisy and Belle! In July 2 rat ladies moved in. Both were already 1 year and 8 months old and unfortunately Belle had a tumor. There was the thought in the room to have the tumor removed, but shortly after she moved in she showed signs of a brain tumor and so after a short but intense fight it remained to only help her over the rainbow bridge. Daisy was and is healthy and now lives with Lou and Simba.

Family problems. As already mentioned the last 2 weeks were very nerve-racking. My grandma has health problems and that brings some challenges. I hope that soon there will be an improvement. I try to distract myself a bit by getting the blog up and running again. The apartment is almost finished and soon there will be the Apartment Tour.

More about rats. Already in September an article from me on Rat Faction went online about Coco and my experience with pituitary tumors in rats.


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