Weekly Update KW41

Weekly Update KW41


his week several articles have gone online again for a long time. I still find it hard to find my way back to blogging. The events in my family take me very much at the moment and even if I have the feeling since 2 days that things are getting better, we are not over the hill yet. Unfortunately I could not enjoy this beautiful (and exceptionally warm) October weather. What a pity because I’m not a fan of cold autumn weather and it was probably the last really warm days of this year.

We have only October and of course the year is not over yet, but as so often it has not developed as hoped. With too much I had to admit to myself that my goals were too high or need more time. Nevertheless I will try to make the best of the remaining weeks in 2018. This also includes this blog.

Simba snacking

Unfortunately, I can’t go to Hessen this year. At least not before Christmas. The health of my grandmother and the health of my rats made it impossible to stay away overnight. My grandma would get along without me for a day, but especially Simba and Lou have to struggle with age-related problems.

As I wrote in my last Life Update , the apartment is slowly but surely coming together. The situation in my family has set me back massively in my schedule, but that’s not bad because I had so much time to find a solution for smaller problems. I’d rather post the apartment tour today than tomorrow but it’s still too early for that. I think I’ll post the coming week to contribute to what’s already been done and what’s still to come. Even though I enjoy painting and clearing, it’s time for everything to be done.

Discovered. A few weeks ago I discovered an ingenious Instagram account. Anisah Hanna from ratzfurever has probably one of the most relaxed noses. So many videos with rats lying on their backs. Here are a few examples.



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