October 2018 Review

October 2018 Review

October is finally over. It has been a hard month and there are still things that are not finally clarified. October was also a sad month and summer is finally over. Normally my monthly review also includes my favourites, but there are none this month. That is also due to the reasons already mentioned.

The beginning came with a bang. And that was my grandmother when she fell again and had to go to hospital this time. Fortunately she was able to go home on the same day. My grandmother and I have a very close relationship and I have been taking care of her for several years now. But I don’t live with her and so far she got along quite well. But you notice that she is older and needs more help. But now the question was, do I give up my free time and do everything on my own or we get help. For me this is all a very frightening situation and I am worried around the clock. It is very important for me and friends can’t understand my situation. Very few of them at my age will come into contact with care and when they do it is usually the parents and not the grandparents. With us in the family it is different. I hope that in November some things will settle down. Even if I then have more time again, I don’t really feel like going out. It’s crazy, I’ve known for years that there can be a change, but as much as you prepare yourself in your thoughts, it’s different in reality.

Latest stories

Goodbye Daisy. Daisy surprised us this month. Within a week she developed a tumor (ZGT) which eventually led to her death. Unfortunately an operation was not possible because of the nature of the tumor. Daisy passed away on Halloween and Lou and Simba is saddened. Daisy would have been 2 years old on November 12th.

What else was there? On the one hand this blog experienced a new start and the Oostende video was uploaded again. I’m still working in the background in many places. It helps me to distract myself. 

What’s coming? In November there is still a lot to be done and I hope that the blog will continue. Another project is the relaunch of Rats Little Paws. I thought long and hard about what to do with the site after Simba and Lou and have now developed a concept with which I am quite satisfied and which I hope will work. Lou and Simba can still live for a long time, but after the guys I will have a rat break for one or two years. In the course of the month I will post more to it. 


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