Bucketlist Update

Bucketlist Update

My old mogulist is meanwhile 3 years old and so far I could not tick off much. But some points are not so important to me anymore. If you haven’t noticed the old post, you’ll find the old list. But why do I write this list at all? Even though I hope that I will live for a very long time and have a lot of time for my goals, it helps me to type them out and also to find out what I really want. Somehow it always sounds so arrogant when you talk about what you want, after all there are many people who lack the everyday.

It has always been difficult for me to decide. And often what I wanted turned out to be the wrong thing later. Meanwhile I take my time before making purchases. On the one hand there are no to few mispurchases and often the best idea takes a little longer.

I know that it can take a long time until all points are fulfilled and maybe they never will. E.g. I cannot travel longer than a few days with mygrandmother and her dementia due to the changed situation and some things also need financial time.

  • An extra rat room
  • Visit my family in the Philippines
  • Travel to Australia, Africa, Scandinavia & USA
  • Finally get my driver's license.
  • My own car to be flexible
  • Learn to play the piano
  • learn more foreign languages like Spanish & Visaya
  • spend a night at a lake
  • finally going to Mainz & Berlin again

First of all, the 8 points will remain. As I said, there are guaranteed to be more and others may be deleted. And here you can also find my old bucketlist. But not much has changed.


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