This week I’m dedicating the ThrowbackThursda Post to my Oma. For many years she has been my most important caregiver and a 2nd mother for me. She has led a very eventful life so far and even though she is now 90 years old, we all hope that she can still live many happy years. Sigrid was born in 1928 in Berlin-Charlottenburg as the daughter of a veterinarian and a half-Jew mother whose family came from Vienna.

Oktober 1978
1944 Saaletalsperre

She is the 3rd child of her parents of a total of 10. 5 daughters & 5 sons. One of them died as a baby. Unfortunately 2 sister and 1 brother of my grandmother have already died.

1954 WUppertal
1954 Salzburg
1953 Duisburg

My grandma was 3 when the family moved away from Berlin and came to Freden with a few stops where my grandma also went to school. Since her father had to work in Wuppertal for a long time, the family followed later. At that time the Second World War was already in full swing. So only a few months after the move a bomb fell on the house in Wuppertal while everyone was sitting in the cellar. What meant that they had to leave the cellar before there was an all-clear and everything still  burned to the right and left. They ran up the mountain into a hut and stayed there until the next morning. Later the family was accommodated to the Viehof (where their father worked). When she was older, my grandmother had to go to Poland to spend part of her compulsory year. An experience about which she often talks, because life there was very different from what she knew so far. She told me a lot about that time and I was always amazed how she survived all those times full of fear for her own life and the future.

1953 Viehof Wuppertal
1930 Berlin

After the war she lived in Wuppertal for a while until she met my grandfather, married him and then moved to Duisburg. My grandfather worked for the railway and over the years they moved many times between the Ruhr area and the Frankfurt area. In the course of these years my Mother and later my aunt also came into the world. A few years later my grandmother had to pass another hard test. She had to learn to live after the own daughter died. I never met my aunt Ruth because she died before I was born. However, I was often told that I was similar to her.

1976 Aschaffenburg
1985 Hammelburg

After the death of my aunt my grandfather went to rest and fell ill a few years later at the heart. My grandmother cared for him for 4 years and gave up her own life almost completely. In the meantime I was born. I knew my grandmother, but we really built up a bond after the death of my grandfather.

But there will be an extra post about the relationship between my grandmother and me. Meanwhile my grandmother is 90 as already written and in 2012 she moved to Remscheid so that I can help her in everyday life. At that time I could not return to Hessen for professional reasons. I hope that we will have many more years together!

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