Weekly Update KW50

Sorry I'm late
Weekly Update KW50
The last weeks consisted of planning, throwing over plans and finding out which projects I want to develop further and which not. Because with the changed situation with my grandma (there will be an extra article about her on Thursday), I will have less time in the future. I am still on leave until February (which was necessary for my health as well as for logistics), but there is not much time during the week for more after that. So I decided to pause my project thejulistudio . For outsiders it was already quiet on thesjulistudio’s blog and also on social media. But in the background I worked on a lot of things. But I don’t have the time to run thesjulistudio, this blog and the RatsLittlePaws blog parallel. The latter is currently under construction, but it is more important to me. For all those who don’t know what I’m talking about: I started creating blogger templates about a year ago. thesjulistudio should be a blog/shop around blogging.
WordPress 5.0

The latest update of WordPress has caused some problems in the last days and even if the idea of the new editor is not bad, some things don’t run smoothly and many plugins since not prepared for it at all. Meanwhile it’s been working a little bit, but if you find posts or pages that are not formatted properly etc. then you know why. I’m working on it.

So what happens next?
Until Christmas I hope to finally finish my apartment and close all construction sites online. Meanwhile Simba and Lou sleep in their blanket with full stomachs and dream of, well, what the rat of today dreams of.

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