Weekly Update KW51

Goodbye Lou
Weekly Update KW51

Basically, this contribution was almost finished. I actually wanted to tell you that Lou is sick and that he is fighting. It also looked like he was doing better, but he died in the morning. It went very fast and quiet.

9.07.16 – 17.12.18
Lonely Simba

Lou and Simba were not only brothers but also best friends. They loved to cuddle and romp together. Now Simba is alone and I hope that he will survive the next days. He is very affectionate but a human cannot replace a fellow. However, Simba is already 2.5 years old and I am uncertain whether he is still ready to let someone strange into his realm. I think we will find a solution in the next days.

Snow Sunday

On Sunday (yesterday) it snowed for the first time this year. But without chaos and luckily there wasn’t much going on on Sunday anyway. Down here it can happen that no bus comes from above. Who does not know Morsbach and I suppose that these are the most, in order to come to the city centre or to the train one has to climb the mountain. Between the city centre and Morsbach there are some 100 meters of altitude difference. What does it mean that the city centre, respectively the town hall is probably located at the highest point of Remscheid. But I am not 100% sure. It is quite possible that there are higher points in Remscheid. Last winter it happened several times that I either couldn’t get away here or on the way home I had to slide down the mountain on foot.

I’ve caught a cold again.

This is already the fourth cold this year, which is absolutely atypical for me. One per year or 2 ok, can happen. But 4? This time it started violently with aching limbs, a completely closed nose and headaches. Meanwhile it’s getting a little better, but this week I couldn’t start doing the living room and bedroom anymore. Since both are time-consuming (some painting and moving furniture), I had to postpone it until after Christmas. I hope the whole chapter will be cleaned up and renovated by the end of January. Then there is still the cellar that has to be cleaned out, but maybe I can do it by then.

Next Week

There is still a lot to prepare for the blog. Especially for the time I am moving furniture etc. How it continues with Simba we have to look. Until then I try to distract him and spend time with him.

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