Weekly Update KW6

Goodbye Simba, Oma & February
Weekly Update KW6

Wow it takes just a few weeks and you’re completely out of the blog post writing. Posts have gone online, but they were pre-planned and it’s time for an update. I hadn’t really planned to take a break. It was like so often, life comes between with its own plan and it often doesn’t fit to one’s own.

Since October I am busy preparing for February. But not only myself, but much more the everyday life with my grandmother. In the previous post I told you about her health and dementia. We have changed a lot since the fall in the daily routine, in the apartment and it is a day care for 2x the week organized + daily medication control. This does not only give me time but also takes away many worries. Because my psyche has suffered quite a lot in the past months. It went so far that I went to the doctor. But there are still points on the ToDo list open and now it’s clear that we can’t all make it before the 4th of February. On that day my leave of absence ends.

All the months feel like a constant test to me. Don’t take anything for granted, don’t postpone anything because it could cause problems and always have a plan for the emergency. Just a few things I’ve learned the hard way.


In last weekly update I think I wrote that Simba was alone after Lou’s death. Well, it shouldn’t stay that way. Two cute rat boys moved in! Gizmo and Otis are about 1 year and 7 months old and still very shy. They come to the door, but don’t like to be lifted at all.

Then Simba shocked us with a big paw, which healed thanks to our vet, but from then on Simba was not as agile as before. I had already seen mini signs of a pituitary tumor in him in October. At that time, however, I was absolutely not sure.

Simba’s paw had healed, but he lost abilities at a rapid pace. In the night from the 23rd to the 24th he became weaker and weaker. It all went incredibly fast and so Simba died on 24.01.2018 at 9am in my arms. We had spent so much time together in the last weeks. He slept on my bed, had his own place on the sofa and in the cage he was only when I had to leave the house. Losing him was hard. Simba was very special and also the last of the 4 brothers. But I must now be there for Gizmo and Otis, who unfortunately could never live fully with Simba. Both of them are a total contrast to the cuddly Simba.


Today my leave of absence ended and actually the everyday life should start again for me. But it was nothing. Since Saturday I have had a cold and in the last night I had a fever. To leave the house did not work at all. So it is now off under the blanket and cure.

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