My name is Rebecca A. and I currently live in Remscheid (NRW). Originally I come from a small town in Hessen. Although I have been living in NRW for 10 years, Hessen remains my home. I love to travel Be it to my homeland or to another place in the world.

Since 20 years I keep rats and stand up for their recognition as intelligent and sensitive beings. Unfortunately rats have a relatively short life span and so the list of noses which already lived with me is long. Currently I have 2 brothers (Simba & Lou) and a girl named Daisy living with me. More about the three and my previous rats can be found on RatsLittlePaws.

I have always enjoyed working creatively and try to put this creativity in my blog. 

thesjuli is a blog about my life, beauty, DIY, blogging, travel, advice and a little fashion from Remscheid, Germany. I started blogging in 2008. But with another blog that doesn’t exist anymore. In December I changed the name and domain of my blog, as well as my social media accounts from tallularue to thesjuli. The name thesjuli is a combination of a part of my last name and my month of birth. I wanted something personal and for that I love the summer.